A New Approach to Model Regime Switching

Journal of Econometrics

A New Approach to Model Regime Switching
Yoosoon Chang, Choi, Yongok, Joon Y. Park
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This paper introduces a new approach to model regime switching using an autoregressive latent factor, which determines regimes depending upon whether it takes a value above or below some threshold level. In our approach, the latent factor is allowed to be correlated with the innovation to the observed time series. If the latent factor becomes exogenous, our approach reduces to the conventional Markov switching. We develop a modified Markov switching filter to estimate the mean and volatility models with Markov switching that are frequently analyzed, and find that the presence of endogeneity in Regime switching is indeed strong and ubiquitous.

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Chang, Yoosoon, (Co-Author, Indiana University), Choi, Yongok, (Co-Author, Korea Development Institute), Park, Joon Y., (Co-Author, Indiana University), "A New Approach to Model Regime Switching", Published. Journal of Econometrics, vol 196, pp. 127-143. Published 2017.