Dept. Internships

Work as an Undergraduate Intern in Economics

Undergraduate Interns (UGIs) perform a variety of teaching-related functions for B251, E251, B252, and E252 classes as well as for upper-level economics courses, such as E321 and E322. Please note, in the application, which lists the available sections, there is a box referencing additional 300-level and/or honors courses; please check that box if you are qualified for and interested in assisting with one of those positions, should there be an opening.

UGI Assignments

The typical UGI assignment involves an average of about 6 hours of work per week, over a 15-week period, at a pay rate of $13.50/hour. Depending on the needs of the instructor, duties may include assisting during class, helping with collaborative learning sessions, facilitating with grading (under the direction of the supervising instructor), and/or holding office hours. Experience as a UGI is highly valued in the entry-level job market. UGIs will also have the option of registering for one credit hour in X-373, Internship in Economics, subject to standard tuition and fees.

Application process for UGI positions

Applicants should have at least a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 Econ GPA. Completion of B252 or E252 is required for B251 or E251 and E321 assignments; E322 completion is expected for those UGIs assisting with B252 or E252 or E322 classes. Upper-division coursework in economics and teaching-related experience are strongly preferred.

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in applying to be a UGI, please download and complete the application. Applications should be sent directly to Please submit applications for the fall semester by April 30 and applications for the spring semester by November 30. There are no UGI positions available in the summer.

Undergraduate Internship Application