Chair's Message

We love to share our expertise

Economics touches all of our lives in a very profound way. Labor market developments impact our careers. Fiscal policies shape our savings behavior, our educational choices, our health and our retirement behavior. Monetary policy can shape our economic fortunes in the short and the long run. All decisions entail opportunity costs. All public policy reforms generate winners and losers and can cause unintended consequences.

Good economic analysis with prudent interpretation of data guided by carefully crafted economic theories can shed light on many of these issues.

In the Economics department at Indiana University, we carry out first-rate economic analysis. We engage in path-breaking theoretical and empirical research. We have particular strengths in macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics.

Our research gets published in top journals and we love to share our expertise in economics and our love for economics with our students both at the graduate and undergraduate level. If you are excited about studying economics, please check us out.

Gerhard Glomm
Professor and Chair, Department of Economics