Scholarships & Awards

Stadelmann Scholarship reflections

At the end of January 2017, I was honored to receive the Stadelmann Scholarship, which is awarded annually to one senior in either the Kelley School of Business or the Department of Economics. While writing the application essay on the ways in which studying economics has impacted my life, I was able to reflect on my classes in Economics, the individuals that I have met in the Economics department, and the ways in which I have applied the study of economics to my other interests. I feel so privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to grow personally and academically in this field of study.

Although I will not be pursuing a graduate degree in Economics—I will obtain a J.D. and a Master in Public Policy from the University of Chicago—I know that economics will influence my future studies and career. The tools that I have gained in the study of economics including predicting human decisions, assessing the effectiveness of policy programs, and understanding macroeconomic outcomes will be invaluable as I enter the world of law and public policy. I wish to thank Professors James Walker and Gerhard Glomm for assisting me in applying for the Stadelmann Scholarship. I would also like to thank all of my professors, mentors, and fellow students in the Department of Economics for making my undergraduate study such a meaningful and important experience.