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In Memoriam

The Department of Economics is saddened by the passing of four of our alumni.

Waldsee Merton Prunty, B.A., 1950, passed away on October 19, 2022. Read about Mr. Prunty’s life here.

Charles “Charlie” Haley, M.A., 1998, passed away on March 31, 2023. Read about Mr. Haley’s life here.

Arnold “Scott” Hutchinson, B.A., 1981, passed away on May 5, 2023. Read about Mr. Hutchinson’s life here.

Marianne “Vicky” Felton, Ph.D., 1979, passed away on October 7, 2023. Read about Dr. Felton’s life here.

A noted economist and scholar, Bullard had been the longest-serving Federal Reserve Bank president in the country. His policy impact has been rooted in research-based thinking and intellectual openness to new approaches and analyses. That has allowed Bullard to be an early voice for economic change, helping the Federal Reserve deftly navigate complex economic landscapes such as the financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic which occurred during his tenure. Bullard’s research has appeared in premier journals, including the American Economic Review; the Journal of Monetary Economics; Macroeconomic Dynamics; and the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking. Bullard served as an honorary professor of economics at Washington University in St. Louis, where he also sat on the advisory council of the economics department.

Please also read Professor Robert Becker’s recollection of Jim Bullard as a graduate student in the department of economics under his guidance, in Becker’s remembrance of George von Furstenberg in this newsletter.