Funding & Awards

Honors and Awards 2017

College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Fellowship

Hewei Shen

Ostrom Workshop Graduate Fellowship

Julio Alberto Ramos Pastrana

Susan C. Thrasher Dissertation Year Fellowship

Jake Schild

Carrington Graduate Fellowship

Michael Klein

Henry M. Oliver Award for Excellence in Graduate Economic Theory

Jaeger Nelson

Taulman A. Miller Award for Best International Student in Economics

Kathrin Ellieroth

Frank T. Bachmura Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Development Economics or Comparative Systems

Barik Bathaluddin

Daniel J. Duesterberg Award

Yongquan Cao

Fred and Judy Witney Scholarship Award for Excellence in Applied Microeconomics

Nikita Lopatin

W. Phillip Saunders Award for Outstanding Introductory Economics Associate Instructor

Kathrin Ellieroth

Alumni Associate Instructor Award for Excellence in Teaching

Kwangyong Park

Jordan River Conference Graduate Students Paper Award
Abigail Loxton, Xin Wei, Ruoyun Mao, Beverly Mendoza