Our advisors are here to help

Our undergraduate advisors, Tom Pappas and Pete Giordano, can provide assistance with a wide variety of curriculum and academic issues. You can make an appointment with either advisor via Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS).

If you have a general question, are a prospective student, or are unable to visit our office, you may email If you need to request permission for a class, have a transfer class evaluated, or declare a minor you can do so via the forms available on this site.

More information

If you need permission to enroll in an Economics course, please complete the Course Permission form. If the prerequisite course will be taken at a non-Indiana University institution, you must provide proof of enrollment in the course before permission will be granted.

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If you need to have a transfer course evaluated for Economic credit, please complete Transfer Course Evaluation Request form. Please check the Credit Transfer Service before submitting your request. If the course you wish to take is listed in the Credit Transfer Service you do not need to submit an evaluation request. Evaluations can take up to 4-6 weeks. If you have not received a response within this period, please contact

Download the international form Download the domestic form

To declare an Economics minor please complete the minor declaration form. You may declare a minor at any time. We recommend that you meet with an advisor to discuss your specific minor requirements or you may email