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Elmus Wicker

Elmus Wicker

Professor Emeritus

Retirement has meant for me fulltime devotion to research and publication. Freed from teaching much more time is available to pursue my own narrow research interest.

I have published three books and completed a fourth since I retired in l992. Two of the three are histories of the banking panics of the Gilded Age and the Great Depression. The third explores the origins of the Federal Reserve, reexamines the Great Debate on banking reform and reevaluates the contribution of Senator Nelson Aldrich.

My more recent research is a retrospective on the Fed's efforts since l914 to control stock market speculation. Ellis Tallman and I are completing a paper on what happened in the recent financial crisis and comparing it with the banking crises of the Gilded Age and the Great Depression

The recent financial crisis came as a total surprise. I never expected to see a reoccurence in my lifetime. I am however not unhappy to see what it has done to the contemporary relevance of that research!